Dale Ellison and gem Duras

Gem Duras

Gem Duras

Authentic Argentine Tango lessons as danced and performed in the halls and stages of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentine Tango Intensive
February 4 and 18

7:00 - 10:00 pm

Dance Emotions, 75 South Greely Avenue
Chappaqua, NY

3 hours of instruction with Gem Duras packed into this Sunday of intensive Argentine Tango. Each hour will build on the previous one. Singles welcome we will switch partners.

TOPICS February 4

7:00 - 8:00 pm: Essentials for all: Forward ochos and forward sacada combinations


8:00 - 9:00 pm: Follower's forward ochos with leaders back turns


9:00 - 10:00 pm: Advanced stage tango sequences with follower's sacadas, leader's back turns and single axis turns


All three classes


Special discounts for regular classes for new students and gift certificates here...

- Twice a month Sundays: Dance Emotions, Chappaqua, NY,
Check back regularly for the dates
- Saturdays: Vitti's Dance Studio, Danbury/CT (Just minutes from Westchester)

Gem Duras received his tango training from the stars of the famous show "Forever Tango" most notably the legendary Carlos Gavito in the 1990's in San Francisco. Later he studied performance tango with Francisco Forquera and Carolina Bonaventura in Buenos Aires to become a certified instructor and tango dancer. He has been teaching tango for 9 years in CT and NY.

Gem regularly travels to Buenos Aires to follow the current trends in tango. Over the years he has become familiar with the styles of many legendary dancers of all generations from Nito and Elba, Eduardo and Gloria, Mayoral and Elsa Maria, to Gustavo and Giselle Anne, Chicho Frumboli, Dana Frigoli as well as Milonguero style advocates such as Susana Miller.

Having also studied ballet in Buenos Aires, Gem emphasizes the proper understanding of concepts such as the axis, the center, and body control to promote good balance and a comfortable dance regardless of style.

For detailed class descriptions and prices, please visit the Tango Sueño site, www.tangosueno.com


Contact Gem: (203) 543 8099


What is new?

interviewed on WTNH News 8!

Gem Duras was interviewed on the ABC affiliate station WTNH during the CT Tango Fest 2015, accompanied by the dancing of Analia Carreño and Luis Ramirez.

CTNow video feature

2015 CT Tango Fest opening Milonga was featured on CTNow, a sister publication of Hartford Courant. The video exceprts show various dancers during the pre-milonga class as well as Gem Duras and Dale Ellison performing and teaching.

recent performance videos


Gem Duras and Dale Ellison perform in Charleston SC


Gem Duras and Dale Ellison perform to Paris, Texas at Vitti's Dance Studio


Gem Duras and Valentina Molina perform at the Crystal Theater


Gem Duras and Linda Mejia perform in Wilton CT


Gem Duras and Dale Ellison perform in Charleston SC


Dale and Gem's performance for Yale Tango Club in New Haven in 2009


Tango Sueño Performance Group at the 2011 CT Tango Fest


Dale and Gem's performance at the Rhythm Club in Norwalk, CT